Ice Blue Baby


Watch out BigChill, I’m coming to get you – stylishly and cosily cladded!

So…safe to say, for those of us on this Great Island, we’re not about to get out our bikini’s anytime soon. Once Christmas is over, I often start dreaming alluding to the thoughts of Summertime.  Yes, I’m a dreamer. Waking up to the beautiful sightings of white, cold fluff outside my window a few days ago jolted me back to reality from any summery dream just yet. In this post,  I share how to cosily cover up in luxurious layers of clothing too cool for the cold without losing your stylish integrity. 😉

_MG_3241_MG_3236_MG_3239_MG_3272_MG_3242_MG_3278_MG_3282 _MG_3284Photo credit: Mikael B

Outfit Details:

  • Topshop Floppy Hat
  • ASOS Oversized Coat With Waterfall Drape
  • Zara White Boyfriend Shirt
  • Zara Necklace
  • River Island Jeggings
  • River Island Blue Ankle Boots.


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