Here comes… The Emerald Lass!

1140812_01 TAIWO (29)
So a big change occurred today in the life of this blog- new name. Yes, the blog has been re-christened and is now “The Emerald Lass”. It was a somewhat tough decision to make as I’ve considered this for a while but it had to be done at some stage. The name may have changed but still the same Bonita with the same fashioned mind. 😉

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We Are Your Friends…you’ll never be alone

Emerald lass, the Brits and verrueckte Italianerin

One of the best decisions I ever made was to spend a year abroad when I was in college (for you Brits, that means Uni not A-levels :-P) in Germany. I met some of the most amazing, vibrant people from across Europe and even as far as the Americas. We may have spent more time tasting Gluhwein in the Weihnachstmarkt’s than in the library, exchanged our Taschengeld for shopping bags in Kuh’damm than we really could afford and experienced many a night of sampling the most vibrant nightlife in Berlin, but we also did manage to learn more than our counterparts who stayed back in our home countries (or so we’d like to think).

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