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Urban jungle

If you haven’t gotten the memo about animal print this season, where have you been? Continue reading Urban jungle


Back to School

So school/uni is back in session and the fashion aspect is certainly not in recess either.

With autumn mode activated, it’s sweater weather and this slogan sweatshirt from River Island comes in handy for that casj chic, I-just-threw-this-on look. It’s the perfect combo of chic and comfort and of course, with the slogan Feminism emblazoned across the chest, it was a no brainer. Power to the Sisters!šŸ˜€

To balance things out, I matched the bright orange with a pair of white distressed skinny jeans with some floral embroidery. The result: certainly more than A for effort!šŸ˜œšŸ’ŖšŸ¾

This look is not just for students but is also perfect for that off-duty look. Whatever you get up to this weekend, hope you get some weekend style inspo from this. Have a fantastic weekend.


Your favourite lass.xox

Photography by Empire Scheme Lifestyle

Jumper-River Island

Jeans- Topshop

Sneakers- Zara

Bag- Mango

Back n Black


Hi lovelies, happy hump day. It’s been a minute. This was meant to be a short post but I’ll just go with the flow. I actually had this post ready a week ago but was feeling all shades of down; mainly due to how I felt I was doing with the blog and how IĀ felt I should be doing. The thing about running a blog or any other outlet of creativity is that, you pour yourself into it, all of you- itĀ represents you as a person and the thingsĀ that drive you. So it’s more than just sharingĀ some outfits or keepingĀ up with trends.Ā It’s a reflection of some parts of you to a large extent which meansĀ you want to see itĀ thrive as much as possible.Ā At some point in your journey to where you believe your destination should be, you let that famous thief- comparison sneak in and try to rob you of your joy. Continue reading Back n Black

Summer vibes

imageIn a recent conversation with someone, the most talked about topic in England came up. No, I’m not referring to Brexit, but rather the weather. šŸ˜ (I’m sure you all have your opinions on Brexit and the aftermath but we’ll leave the politics out for today.) According to this friend, Ā for him, summer officially starts once Wimbledon begins. Wimbledon is now in full swing so I say…let’s get this (summer) party started. Continue reading Summer vibes