Blooming Love

Happy new month, beauts. ♥_MG_3387 You may be forgiven to only associate florals with Spring/Summer. But the blooming spirits are not limited to the lighter, hotter months. Winter florals can be a breath of fresh air in the cold months, often adding splashes of colour to rather dull days. In the spirit of Valentine’s, I wanted to create a classy outfit that you could take inspiration from when deciding your lover’s day ensemble.

I couldn’t resist this dress when I saw it- for various reasons. I’m a big fan of all things midi. When worn right, it can be a real hit. I particularly love the full skirt of the dress. For small-framed sisters like yours truly, dresses like this can be very flattering as they show off cinched midriffs whilst masking  petiteness and giving illusions of wider lower bodies._MG_3361 With its high neck and gentle pleating, it’s a very preppy, off-I-go- to-a-tea party look. As a substitute to red, I opted for an orange blazer from Zara which complimented the floral print of the dress._MG_3368 _MG_3374_MG_3373_MG_3359Dress: ASOS∗   ∗Blazer: Zara∗   ∗Shoes: Aldo∗   ∗Clutch bag: Dorothy Perkins∗


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