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What I wore last summer 

We’ve all been there. Worn that beautiful occasion dress and perhaps it was even a hit on your Instagram feed. You’d love to wear it again but you’re just purely vain and don’t want to be seen to be repeating clothes worried it’s already gotten enough hype and now bordering on overkill? Wedding season is here and that only means one thing; you need outfits to stand out in! Continue reading What I wore last summer 

Glam und Goth

dsc_0627dsc_0615Don’t be mistaken, this is not a promo shoot nor is it an ad for an upcoming Twilight sequel. Every now and again, one can get carried away and turn what was meant to be a regular blog post photoshoot into what I like to call The Emerald Lass version of Ladies in Black: “Glam und Goth”! 😛  Continue reading Glam und Goth