Here comes… The Emerald Lass!

1140812_01 TAIWO (29)
So a big change occurred today in the life of this blog- new name. Yes, the blog has been re-christened and is now “The Emerald Lass”. It was a somewhat tough decision to make as I’ve considered this for a while but it had to be done at some stage. The name may have changed but still the same Bonita with the same fashioned mind. 😉

1140812_01 TAIWO (14)1140812_01 TAIWO (34)

1140812_01 TAIWO (33)

1140812_01 TAIWO (40)IMG_2119The outfit of today’s post comprises of two of my favourite buys this summer from River Island and Zara. Forever faithful, constantly consistent.  The River Island top, I found on its lonesome self on a rack and  decided to be its saviour and take it home. The colour is meant to be pink but it looks more coral to me. Coral is just one rich and beautiful colour and I love the texture and style of the top. You don’t even want to know the story behind the Zara trousers but let’s just say it involved visiting all the Zara stores in the West End, Westfield and Brent cross.  It was all worth it though when I ended up getting it for a fraction of not just the original price but even the initial sale price. The Emerald lass never says no to a bargain. 

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