JSapphirah Shirts

imageHi guys, happy Friday…as cliched as it sounds, I’m sooo thankful it’s Friday. 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve done a work chic look on the blog. Gone are the days when formal shirts are boring and predictable.Now, you can certainly look the part and still exude some uniqueness and style. This is where JSapphirah shirts come in.image
The JSapphirah collection consists of uniquely styled shirts made in Italy from the finest Italian cotton, designed in a variety of colours and patterns specially handpicked to produce shirts that are guaranteed to catch the eye.
I happen to know the brain(and beauty) behind this brand and without a shadow of doubt, I can personally say she is one of the most elegant and best presented ladies I know. This I can say is replicated in her brand which for me denotes simple elegance and individuality.imageJSapphirah signature shirts are identified by the distinctive design of their cuffs and collars and the often combination of patterns and prints, like the lace cotton combination of this white shirt.imageimageI love that you can dress this up or down making it work its magic be it for a day in the office or a day out with friends.

To order your shirt(s), please visit them here. You can also find them on Instagram @jsapphirah and via email: info@jsaphhirah.co.uk.

Shirt:JSapphirah II Striped trousers:Oasis II Necklace:Zara II Sunglasses:Michael Kors

Photography by Ope Olusola



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