Sporty Spice

dsc_0249I’ve never liked sports. Or been good at it, for that matter. I mean, I did participate in relays and 100 meter’s for Inter-house sports in primary school. That should count, right? With adolescence, it all went downhill. PE classes might as well have been free periods as far as I was concerned. Unless you count talking as a sport. This attitude/lifestyle continued into adult life and I managed to scale through my 20’s having never visited a gym let alone break a sweat in workout.dsc_0211dsc_0227dsc_0287Fortunately for me, proof of my couch-potato lifestyle isn’t so evident physically. However, a 10-minutes recovery requirement after a run to the station to catch the train was always a nagging reminder of my need to get fitter. I finally bit the bullet a few weeks ago and joined a gym. The road to perfection fitness hasn’t been without its challenges; a major one being actually finding the willpower to  go to the gym in the first place. As vain as this may sound, one thing that motivates me is putting to good use the gym wear that I’ve been accumulating since I joined the gym. I was so excited about joining the gym; I’ve since bought at least 5 new sets.

dsc_0253 dsc_0259 I haven’t worn trackies outside my house since I was a student but alas, they’re all the rave right now. I’m not one to follow trends just ’cause but sports luxe is a trend I quite like. See it as a different approach to a casual/off duty look. You just gotta wear this with right attitude and you’ll be forgiven for daring to don sportswear anywhere other than the gym or on a sports ground. In this post, I pair my Topshop red tracksuit bottoms with a River Island Khaki bomber jacket (another trend that’s hot right now) to create my sports luxe look, whilst completing it with my forever faithful’s white barely there sandals.dsc_0222




I hope you like the look. The weekend is almost here…do make sure you have a great one.


The Emerald Lass.xx

Photography by Tolu Akinyemi

Sports bra (Similar) II Khaki bomber jacket II Tracksuit bottoms (Similar)


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