Ignorance is bliss… Or is it?

Hi guys.

Hope you’re all having a nice weekend. So today’s post isn’t fashion-related but rather, wanted to share a story that I’ve been mulling over a lot lately.

I moved to London three years ago from Dublin where I’d spent my teenage years and early adult life. Dublin, for those who know it, is not a massively big city. I knew the city centre and certain areas like the back of my hand. Started driving in my late teens and I’ve never had to use a sat nav in Dublin, like I mean never. If I was going somewhere I wasn’t too familiar with, I would just ask my dad who knows the city very well and that’s problem solved. 

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There’s always a first time…


Having contemplated, talked about and dreamt of, for a couple of years of having an alternative voice on a platform where I can share my randomness with others, almost a year after I actually created a blog profile and then forgot about it, here I am…doing my very first blog post. Indeed, there always is a first time for everything. Continue reading There’s always a first time…

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