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Pearly blues

Hey lovelies. Happy Saturday. Hope you’ve had a productive week and a great weekend is well underway. Continue reading Pearly blues


Pink Perfection

imageHappy Sunday lovelies. It’s been a minute. I do apologise for the radio silence. I’ve been working behind the scene to bring you more exciting content and I suppose, restrategise for the next phase for The Emerald Lass. But I won’t bore you with that right now…imageimageSaturday’s are for weddings. Especially if you’re of Nigerian descent like me. Nigerians love weddings and we sure don’t play when it comes to nuptials and style, even as wedding guests.😀 Yesterday, I had the honour of attending a childhood friend’s wedding in Dublin. I had gone back home to Ireland to celebrate my birthday with my family and friends a little over a week ago but had had to extend my trip a little longer particularly for this wedding. I wasn’t sure what to wear and very unlike me, hadn’t planned anything specific for the wedding although I knew I had a few options. In the end, I opted for this River Island pink knot waist bodycon dressimageimageTalk about being totally uncharacteristic…this dress is nothing like  I would normally wear to a wedding or quite frankly, wear at all. I don’t like long evening dresses and wouldn’t be caught in one unless in an official capacity ie a bridesmaid. I also do not do bodycon dresses and certainly not one of jersey-like material. I’m not afraid of colours but I’m scared of snug items of clothing. Haha. My logic is simple- I am a slim girl; I do not need anything drawing more attention to that fact. It’s easily the first thing people notice about me so why wear anything that’ll emphasise that even more. Not that there’s anything wrong with being skinny but for me, anything that would give an illusion of a “bigger” me is what I’m more inclined to go for. Having said that, I’m too experimental with my style to stick to the status quo. When it comes to clothes and fashion, I’m generally open minded and like to “explore”. I bought the dress, if anything out of curiosity, (and of course it was a bargain) half expecting to return it. But lo and behold, it would fit right like a glove. Admittedly, I still needed the push encouragement from my sisters to wear it as it was so out of the norm for me.🙈imageimageI love that it’s such a simple yet elegant look. Yes, the colour is popping but other than the rucched detail at the waist and the side slit, it’s just a plain, simple dress. I  stirred away from trying to dress up the dress any more by resisting the temptation of a statement necklace and instead opted for statement earrings and statement shoes. My Doll pumps Kandeeshoes came in just handy for this with their studded design and colour block. I got mine via @thediscountshopper, a personal shopping consultant who caters to your shopping needs and at reasonable prices too.imageimageOverall, I really loved this look and although not sure I’ll be buying more of this dress style, it was good to step out of my comfort zone (fit and flare behaviour) for once and try something new. If you’re small boned like me and wouldn’t normally go for this look, I’ll encourage you to at least try…you might just be pleasantly surprised.😉



Dress: River Island II Clutch:River Island(old) II Shoes:Kandee shoes via The Discount Shopper II Earrings:ASOS (old)

Photography: Claire Nash