All I want for Christmas is you…

Christmas is just over two weeks away. The excitement, love and good tidings in the air are becoming so palpable as we count down to Jesus’ birthday.

It’s the season of cheer and Yuletide. The season of mince pies and mulled wine. And Christmas parties and ball gowns. What better way to cheer in the Christmas season on the blog than in this showstopper.And that’s exactly, what this dress does; it stops shows. Such was the number of compliments and stares of admiration I got from passerby’s, tourists, random strangers including some who walked up to me to ask “what brand” I was wearing! What makes it more interesting is their faces when I tell them it’s ASOS. Yes, ASOS. You’d be forgiven to mistake it for some haute couture piece.

From the intricate lace detail to the gorgeous, daring open back detail, to the sheer volume of the skirt, this dress is a beaut all by itself. I simply paired it with floral RI sandals, Zara dangling pearl earrings and Reiss clutch. I felt like such a lady as I sashayed around the streets of London looking a princess let out of the castle.

Season greetings from The Emerald Princess.xox

Photos by Empire Scheme Lifestyle

Dress:ASOS II Shoes: River Island II Clutch:Reiss



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