Suited and Booted

Gone are the days when power dressing means boring black suits. Whilst there will always be a place for the traditional set of complete matching pairs, now, you can also mix and match to achieve that girl boss look and leave an impression, long after you’ve left the room. For me, a double breasted blazer is a double edged sword- it does a lot of things and should be styled to the max. You can throw it on casually with buttons undone to add that extra jazz to an outfit. Or as seen in this outfit, do up the buttons to show off the double breasted feature. (And to maintain your dignity if you’re wearing a see-through top!😬😂 I know the world has gone mad lately with the likes of “free the nips” campaign but there’s still beauty in modesty for some of us!)Match your suit jacket or blazer with a pair of snazzy pants in a different colour and you’ll be sure to turn heads. And for the right reasons too.😉To complete the look and as the blazer is quite bright, I stuck to a monochromatic scheme by accessorizing with the two existing colors. This is not just a suit y’all ; this is a whole vibe!😀Hope you like the look. As we are power dressing, let’s be making those power moves too. Let’s make it a November to remember! 🙏🏾 Happy new month.😘😘


The lass.xoxox

Photography by Empire Lifestyle Scheme

Mesh top: Topshop

Blazer: RI

Pants: RI

Shoes: RI

Bag: Mango


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