Dress code: dress for the Cold

The air is chilly. The leaves are turning. Autumn is here and that means goodbye to summer favorites. Or does it?

For me, summer doesn’t have to end with the turn of the season. Dress for the cold. Literally. Say yes to the dress and add a leather jacket, a blazer or even a light trench coat and you have the best of both worlds. If you’re not a risk taker like me, add a layer of tights or even pair the dress with boots. I was initially going to wear this dress with boots but the weather was nice on this day so I went for my leopard print pumps instead. Bare legs is always in!πŸ˜‰

Leopard prints by the way, are quite big this season. I’m not its biggest fan but I love it in accessories like shoes and bags. The combination of polka dots and leopard prints is not one I’ve personally seen before but that’s the beauty of style- you dictate your own rules. Peep the back detail of the dress and why I wasn’t willing to wait till next summer to rock it. I’m so obsessed with Topshop dresses. This summer, they brought their A game to high street fashion especially in dresses. I suspect you might only be seeing me in dresses for the next couple of months. Even in winter? Yes. How? Well, stay tuned for my next blog posts and see how I rock my favorite summer dresses in winter. Ain’t no cold about to steal my shine.

Until next time…hasta la vista friends!✌🏾😘

Photography by Empire Lifestyle scheme

Dress:Topshop II Shoes: RI (old) II Bag:RI


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