Birthday Queen

“Heavy is the crown and yet she wears it as if it were a feather. There is strength in her heart, determination in her eyes and the will to survive resides within her soul. She is you. A warrior, a champion, a fighter, a queen.” -r.h. SinLife, we sometimes forget is not ours but a gift from God. The fact that a lot of us can breathe uninterrupted and unaided in itself such a blessing, we too often take for granted. I woke up today full of gratitude in my heart; the privilege of seeing yet another year in perfect health is one I do not wish to take for granted.I am a year older today. Wiser, stronger and more determined to live and not just to exist. I am more than ever, actively in pursuit of purpose and living out my potentials and dreams.It’s been a year of mistakes made and lessons learnt. A year of personal growth and self development. I’ve had to be more introspective and critically evaluate myself and the decisions I make and how I react to things. Some ugly truths have been identified while some beautiful facts have been revealed. The process of self evaluating is never an easy one and one, I believe should be done often enough. All in all, I have found a beautifully imperfect being in whom I am growing every day to love more and more because when all is said and done, the most important person to you (after God) is you. The relationship that I cultivate first with God and then with myself will determine the trajectories of all other relationships so I am more mindful of the former than I have ever been.I am grateful for my family and friends amongst other things and as I look back on the last year with insight, I look forward to the new year with foresight and determination to make it count in every way imaginable.Photography by David Nyanzi

Dress : ASOS II Shoes : River Island II Earrings: River Island II Sunglasses:River Island


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