Welcome to 2018

Happy new year, beautiful folks of the World Wide Web. Hope the new year has started off on a good note for you. Last year had its ups and downs but I’m nonetheless grateful for the blessings of 2017- it would be foolish not to be. Also very grateful for all your support of this blog in 2017 and the previous years; I do not take it for granted. Thank you!😘😘😘

What better way for the Emerald lass to usher in the new year than in emerald style. Loved pairing this emerald top with my fave jeans and green/floral shoes. I usually spend new year away from home but I’m glad to be in the Emerald Isle, spending it with my immediate family. I won’t bore you with my goals for 2018. This year, I just want to live. I want to live like I’ve never done before. Like be alive body, soul and spirit. I want to be the most alive I’ve ever been. I want to laugh more, travel more, love more, explore more, impact more, commit more. I’m personally not into new year resolutions but I believe the key to effective change is intentional living. You don’t have to start big; you just have to start and be intentional with each passing day.

Wishing you all a fantastic new year. 😀

Photography by @Stevenbeathsmith (Instagram)

Top: old Zara I Jeans: River Island I Shoes: River Island

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