Gallic glamour

A few years ago, an American tourist lady stopped me in Harrods to compliment my outfit. Her exact words:”you’re the quintessential British, elegant lady!” I was very flattered. As you would. Never mind that I aren’t British! I smiled, thanked her, carrying along in my now newly assumed cool, collected demeanour of an English Rose.Fashion is a universal language. Such that those who speak it are able to decipher another’s expressions regardless of differences in cultural background.Being a la mode is also very universal. Everyone wants to have that bit of je ne sais quoi in their appearance with as minimal effort as possible. The French are known to have mastered this art, so much that effortless chic is considered a national trait that, that is the envy of the rest of the world. Such is the world’s fascination and perhaps obsession with French style, that you will find so many articles on the World Wide Web on how to dress French. Today’s outfit showcases an element of Gallic glamour with what is essentially every day wear. Whilst I appreciate the beauty and art of looking like I could be strutting down the streets of Paris, Chanel bag in hand, eyes laden with Celine sunglasses, I didn’t start out with this outfit, wanting to look Parisian. Authenticity and individuality are key. I liked the pieces individually and in putting together something unique and beautiful, this look was achieved. My point is: don’t focus so much on stereotypes that you forget to be an original. With this ensemble, I am reminded of the woman that I am on way to becoming. The woman who…

Graceful in her cascading garment, she takes life one step at her a time, is keen to live and not just exist  but does not take life too seriously.
Cladded in a faux leather, she likes adventure but she’s an adventure herself.

She does not seek the validation of others but is empathic and cares about others’ feelings.She is sometimes fearful because she hasn’t fully embraced the potency that she carriesBut deep down, she just wants to follow her passions and fulfil destiny.

Have a great weekend l, lovelies.xx



Photography by Moments by Mcawhy (@mcawhy)

Maxi dress: River Island  I Mesh body: Topshop similar I Beret:River Island I Ankle boots:Kurt Geiger similar I Fishnet tights:River Island


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