Gingham style 

 This outgoing season has seen the rise of gingham. I was sharing with a friend recently about how I don’t feel pressured to follow trends. I’m not saying I’m immune to them but neither am I slave to them. It somewhat puzzles me when I hear people say they need to get something because it’s what’s “in” right now. Trends are so fleeting and so for me, whilst they may influence my choices to an extent, my personal style has never been hugely focused on what’s in but rather what interests me and  reflects my genuine sartorial preferences. I managed to steer clear of gingham so far, mainly because I just hadn’t come across anything that stood out for me and I wasn’t going to jump on the bandwagon just cause…I came across this gorgeous top in the recently concluded Zara sale. The combination of gingham and floral was one I have seen done with two different pieces and to be honest, haven’t been too keen on it. However, seeing the marrying of the two trends on one piece, without looking overbearing, I was forced to pay attention. In fact, apart from the gorgeous cut and style of the top, it was the floral feature that was the selling point for me. I’m all for classic pieces in my wardrobe but I also like unique pieces that will always stand out in a crowd. I matched the top with my favourite skinny pants from Zara.They’re actually borderline jeggings but rather thick. I generally wear them as jeggings but they worked well enough with this top, thanks to the cinched waist and the length.

I’m clearly currently going through a yellow-craze moment. This whole weekend, I’ve lived in my yellow plimsolls and this Pia Sassi bag has been there for me like never before. Again, shout out to my sister for letting me borrow these Zara beauts and plastering them all over my SM!😬😂

Hope you like the entire look. If you’re in the U.K, enjoy the bank holiday today. Wishing everyone a great week.


Photography by @Steven Beatsmith

Top:Zara (sold out) II Trousers:Zara (old season) similar II


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