What I wore last summer 

We’ve all been there. Worn that beautiful occasion dress and perhaps it was even a hit on your Instagram feed. You’d love to wear it again but you’re just purely vain and don’t want to be seen to be repeating clothes worried it’s already gotten enough hype and now bordering on overkill? Wedding season is here and that only means one thing; you need outfits to stand out in!
Fret not…your fav blogger’s got you!😉Today, I’ll be showing you simple tweaks that can upgrade that dress and give you a whole new outfit. I featured this Topshop dress on the blog last year as seen below.
For a wedding guest inspiration, I decided to re-rock the same dress but this time, with a shirt and completely different accessories.

Layering with a shirt under a dress is a simple way of elevating a look. The art of layering is not lost on just colder seasons. Summer layering can be achieved and done beautifully too. Oh the beauty of a crisp white shirt!😍 A classic white shirt could do the trick too but why not ruffle a few feathers with a statement white shirt! I mean, sometimes more is more, right? Ruffles have been around for a couple of seasons and don’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Pairing this dress with the ruffle shirt gives it more hmmph and certainly makes a show stopper. My favourite thing about the dress is possibly the colour. It’s such a stunning hue of blue.💙I’m a massive fan of pastels and always keen to maximise the pastel effect. For this reincarnation, I opted for a summery colour like baby pink to match the powder blue. Dream team!👌🏾With the electric blue and coral earrings, it’s still not too matchy-matchy and it sure does carry on with the tone of the whole outfit.So you’ve nailed the addition of the ruffle shirt, bright coloured accessories. The last and perhaps just as important factor needed to rock this look is some sass!Twirl baby twirl! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽I know I’m biased but this has got to be my favourite look on the blog this year, so far. My mum was in town when I shot this look and she approved. That says a lot!😂I hope you like it as much as I do and that you’ve gotten some inspiration for that dress at the back of your wardrobe and how to re-rock it. Have a lovely Sunday.

Love, Sumbonita.xox

Photography by @Mcawhy (Instagram)


Shirt-Debenhams II Dress-Topshop (sold out) Similar II Shoes-Ted Baker (sold out) Similar 


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