Kiss me, I’m Irish!

IMG_7892IMG_7914Okay, so this is not really an invitation to exchange saliva with anyone. But I am Irish and I am very proud of my affiliation with the Emerald Isle. In case you just crawled out from under a rock are not aware of St Patrick’s Day , 17th March has been set aside in honor of the patron saint of Ireland and effectively to celebrate the beautiful island I spent all my teenage years on. Such is the uniqueness and beauty of Ireland that she is celebrated all over the world. For those who may not know, my blog’s name- “The Emerald Lass” was borne out of my love for the color green and my love for both my motherland, Nigeria and what has since become my adopted homeland, Ireland. Another thing the two nations have in common is Guinness although I am neither a fan of the black stuff nor of alcohol in general.IMG_7895For those in Ireland, I’ll admit, I am a little green with envy. Being a national holiday, I was planning on spending this weekend at home in Dublin but sadly had to change plans due to other commitments. Whilst I’m a little sad that I won’t be spending Paddy’s day in Ireland, I wanted to share some of that buzz with you here on the blog so together, we can paint the town green. Speaking of painting the town green, I don’t mean to be a prude but please do drink sensibly today. It always dampens the mood when you hear horror storie from St Paddy’s day/night shenanigans of some people. IMG_7900And on to the fashion, of course you can’t celebrate Paddy’s day without green. IMG_7910IMG_7899I was in Valencia, Spain last weekend for the wedding of a dear friend and wore this green Zara number for the occasion. This outfit couldn’t be anymore ME! Quirky, fun and different! Contrary to popular opinion, this is actually a top and a skirt, not a dress. I found them at separate times in the Zara January sale. (Yes, you know me and my bargains…no shame in my game! :-P) I had initially purchased the top and planned to pair it with a pencil skirt. I then randomly saw the skirt and although it normally wouldn’t get my attention on its own, I knew paired with the top, it would make a unique and interesting piece. Moral of the story: even when unsure, always try it before making a decision. Unfortunately, they’re both sold out but I am still scouring the net for similar items. With the luck of the Irish, I just might find something interesting. 😉IMG_7909IMG_7904I hope you do have a fabulous Paddy’s day whether you’re dancing with the leprechauns or just taking it easy. I’ll leave you with this Irish toast: To all days here and after- May they be filled with fond memories, happiness and laughter.

Love, The Emerald Lass.xx

Photography by Olamide A

Off shoulder top:Zara II Skirt:Zara II Faux fur:Topshop II Velvet clutch:Carvela II Shoes:Ted Baker II Earrings:River Island


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