Valentine’s Day


To The One I’m Looking For
My shoes have lost their floors
and my eyes riot from looking.
But till I find you
I will worry more maps
scourge more miles
dissect a thousand more smiles
I will find you


It might take a day
or a decade.
but I will find you.


Dust and sweat
may bake my skin
but I will find you.


Hunger and thirst
might crack my bones
but I will eventually find you…


Happy Valentine’s Day, beauts. Whatever you get up to today, I hope you feel loved and appreciated. If you’re single, going through a break up or perhaps even a divorce or separation, I hope you remember that you are worthy of love, and quite frankly, your worth is not dependent on any man or anyone for that matter.

The poem I have used in the body of this post is one of my absolute faves by a poet who is not just a dear friend but has been the brain, eyes and hands behind this blog’s photography in recent times, ToluTo The One I’m Looking For is one of my favourite poems from his new book of poetry; Funny Men Cannot Be Trusted which was just published a few days ago. If you’re looking for wit, romance, humor and musings on life all encompassed into a wittily composed body of poetry, this book is for you. It’s available on Amazon here and I promise you, it’s a keeper! 😉

Lots of love, The Emerald Lass.xx

Poetry by: Tolu Akinyemi Photography: Tolu Akinyemi

Dress:Zara (sold out) Similar II Shoes:Steve Madden(sold out) Similar Clutch:Dune


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