Valentine’s Lookbook: Business and pleasure

dsc_0358Hello there February! 🙂 Is it me or January seemed to have lasted forever, at the same time went by quickly? Don’t ask, that’s just how I felt. A very happy new month to you all and hope it’s gotten off to a great start for you already. 🙂

dsc_0356 February is an exciting month for various reasons; but the most obvious, (for the general public at least) being the fact that it’s the month of love. Subtly leaving a wish list conveniently around the house, mentioning what new restaurant is worth a try, hinting on where you’d like to jet off to for a much needed bae-cation…well, we all know the score.

dsc_0354With Valentine’s being on a weekday, some of us aren’t so lucky to be getting away. For those of us who it’ll still be business as usual for, come the 14th February, this post is for you.  Lunch with the boyfriend or husband? Or perhaps, it’s a candle-lit dinner you’ve got planned and you’re wondering how you’ll have enough time to get from work to home to look hot for that date… well, fret not. Today, I bring you my Valentine’s day business to pleasure look which makes for an easy transition  from a day to night look.

dsc_0355dsc_0357dsc_0386dsc_0379With velvet still very much in season, this velvet jumpsuit couldn’t be any more trendy. Did I mention it’s currently on sale for an absolute bargain! I purchased this intending to wear it alone but the plunging neckline with the see-through lace insert made it rather difficult to pull of on its own. I’m still looking for a way to wear this on its own without compromising on decency. Being the RI addict that I am, I got this blouse 5 years ago and rarely wear it these days until I dug it out of my wardrobe recently. I hope you like the look anyway. 🙂 Happy hump day and have a nice evening.



Photography by Tolu Akinyemi

Blouse (old) II Jumpsuit II Sandals (old and sold out)


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