Shimmer shimmer baby!

DSC_0072 (1).JPGI’ve always been an enthusiast of Comfort and Style. Who says one has to be compromised for the other anyway?In today’s post, The Emerald Lass is serving you a meal of the basics with this simple ensemble brought to you with a side of edgy sprinkled with some (much needed) warmth. January blues are a thing, with last Monday being apparently, the saddest day of the year. The sudden cold snap isn’t helping things either. Well, fret not amigos, here to banish the blues is Mr sorry Mrs (awkward moment of political incorrectness salvaged, so just…) Metallic Grey mixed with some (chirpier) blues and you’ve got a chic style that’ll pick you right up! dsc_0088dsc_0143dsc_0097You’re set to ruffle a few feathers in the office for dress down Friday with this Topshop metallic ruffle sweatshirt! Thank me later! 😛 jdsc_0085dsc_0109One trend I’m feeling right now and can’t afford to keep mom about- mom jeans! Mama mia! I’m obsessed with these. Scoot over skinny jeans, mom jeans are seriously having a moment this season. This is my first time featuring them on the blog but these are currently my go to for the weekend. They’re the perfect combination of style and comfort. These distressed ones from River Island were on sale and I quite like the acid wash. I love the relaxed fit which oozes that casual cool that always works.  It also scores major points for the high waist feature which is always flattering for small-boned folks like me.  To get the most of this, tuck a shirt or blouse into them to show off that cinched waist. 😉 I also like that they’re slightly cropped. After all, a flattering flash of ankle never hurt anyone!dsc_0127-1dsc_0145-1 If you’re worried about the cold, ankle boots will come in handy for these grazers. These navy River Island boots are like two years old but they still have similar ones in other colours which are easy on the pocket too. You may have noticed that I wore my fishnet tights (can’t get enough of these) with this outfit. Again, there’s always a sensible stylish answer to everything if you dare to forget the norm sometimes and just do you. dsc_0122-1dsc_0116dsc_0137My bag is from a Ghanaian brand called Myth House. They offer a range of quirky, modern pieces like the one in this post. To purchase, order at and use my promo code:JAN17.

Hope you’ve gotten a bit of inspiration for your weekend outfits. As always, remember to stay warm and stay chic! 🙂 Happy styling.xx

Sumbonita (The Emerald Lass)

Photography by Tolu Akinyemi


Sweatshirt II Mom jeans II Ankle boots -sold out, Similar





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