Glam und Goth

dsc_0627dsc_0615Don’t be mistaken, this is not a promo shoot nor is it an ad for an upcoming Twilight sequel. Every now and again, one can get carried away and turn what was meant to be a regular blog post photoshoot into what I like to call The Emerald Lass version of Ladies in Black: “Glam und Goth”! 😛 dsc_0466dsc_0541dsc_0542dsc_0473dsc_0567Many a fashionista favour the all-black look quite often. I am rarely ever part of that cool gang. As you can probably testify from previous posts, I love my colours, me! But sometimes, a girl’s just gotta up the amp a little with some all black, glam meets goth look.

dsc_0579dsc_0590dsc_0592dsc_0587 Interestingly, I didn’t set out to make this look what it turned out to be. I found this ASOS ruffle bomber whilst looking for a jacket to complete an all black ensemble. Ruffles are big this season and I’m all for a statement piece so I thought it would be a great addition to the outfit. Since it is a jacket, the idea was for it to be the finishing piece, the one that completes the jigsaw. The black culottes had been specifically purchased to go with a sheer top with heavy beadings.  As fate would have it, the sheer top (even though it’s worn underneath the jacket) would not even feature at all due to a wardrobe malfunction. For the shoot, I had forgotten to pack a black vest to wear underneath. As a huge part of the top was sheer, it was impossible to wear it on its own without making the value of my bride price plunge. (I’m a good Christian Yoruba girl, thank you very much!) 🙂 Shoot location being 30 odd miles away from home, there was no chance of going back, hence I was stuck with using the jacket as the top for this outfit.dsc_0610Being the colour freak that I am, I needed to inject a bit of colour. To do just that whilst also making their debut are these pink embellished shoes from ASOS. I think someone actually asked me if they were Sophia Webster’s! Err, I wish! But these would do just fine too. 🙂

dsc_0445dsc_0664This is one of my quirkiest outfits of late and I love it! It’s different but that’s exactly why I love it…it’s soo me! (Insert a little odd, doesn’t always fit in but nonetheless genuine) I hope you like the look too. Let me know your thoughts please. 🙂



Outfit Details

Asos petite ruffle bomber II Culottes II Pink embellished shoes II

Photography by Tolu Akinyemi


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