Back n Black


Hi lovelies, happy hump day. It’s been a minute. This was meant to be a short post but I’ll just go with the flow. I actually had this post ready a week ago but was feeling all shades of down; mainly due to how I felt I was doing with the blog and how I felt I should be doing. The thing about running a blog or any other outlet of creativity is that, you pour yourself into it, all of you- it represents you as a person and the things that drive you. So it’s more than just sharing some outfits or keeping up with trends. It’s a reflection of some parts of you to a large extent which means you want to see it thrive as much as possible. At some point in your journey to where you believe your destination should be, you let that famous thief- comparison sneak in and try to rob you of your joy.

dscf5382But perhaps it’s not about the destination but the journey itself. I was shocked to hear a very famous Londoner blogger that I greatly admire share recently about her insecurities and how she often doubts herself professionally. This is someone some would be happy to settle with her level of success. It was an eye-opener to say the least. Some will be more successful than others. That’s just life. But perhaps we are all meant to discover ourselves on this sojourn to success, whatever that means for each person. And in the lessons learnt, we are even more prepared for the task ahead and perhaps even better humans. Human nature is such anyway, that we’ll always want more. More success, more fame, more riches. So I keep reminding myself that this stage is just another station in the overall journey. One that isn’t any less important than the ‘bigger’ stations that are further along the line.


Now on to today’s outfit, lately, I’ve been all about that minimalist life; simple but aesthetically pleasing.  We’ve already ascertained my obsession with flares. But it’s been a while since I explored my love for low backs. I just have a thing for them. You’ll never catch me in anything with a plunging neckline. Never. But on the other hand, I’m here for the plummeting backline. This black ribbed low back bodysuit from River Island certainly falls into that category. Paired with a pair of Striped wide leg trousers also from River Island, they made the perfect duo with very little or no fuss at all. And of course, as usual, these won’t break the bank. River Island are in the middle of a sale and both items are currently on sale for mouth-gaping prices.



 img_5038 I’m not really an all-black kinda girl but this is a close call (not really but let’s pretend it is) to an all- black outfit infused with some stripes to break the monochrome. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration for date night or heading out with the girls this weekend, there you have it. Classy, understated and sophisticated, you’re good to go. 😉

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.



Black bodysuit:River island II Trousers:River Island II Sandals:River Island II Bag:Pia Sassi

Photography by:Kate Dyomina

3 thoughts on “Back n Black”

  1. What a lovely blog for fashion and backdrops! You might be interested in Social Superstore, which was recently launched by business woman Baroness Mone It’s the perfect platform for fashion entrepreneurs.


  2. ‘The famous thief; comparison’ we must be very conscious of that one. Comparison is a killer!!!
    I absolutely enjoyed the read. You are so gifted😚😚


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