Hot or nah, you need to crop it

imageSummer is on its way out and the days are getting colder. Autumn is a peculiar time of the year. Everything is so beautiful yet everything is dying.imageimageIt is, no doubt for me, the prettiest time of the year. The dying leaves adorn everywhere with their lifeless brown bodies; a sign, an assurance, a confirmation that new life is on its way. A season of change. It’s watching life start all over again.imageimageimageAs we approach the transitional season when we start donning sweaters and nights turn cosier, I wanted to make the most of my summer wears for the last time in the year. It may not be that hot anymore but you can still be pardoned for showing some midriff.😜imageNow, you wanna be careful not to look like a lost member of Destiny’s Child who just got off the set of the video for Jumpin Jumpin! The key is to always pair them with either high waist skirts or pants to ensure you’re showing as minimal skin as possible. imageHope you like the look. Have a great weekend.



Top:Boohoo II Skirt:River Island II Bag: Anna Luchini II Sunglasses:Celine

Photography by Claire Nash

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