imageForget Becky with the Good hair! I present you with “Bonita with the Great Style” (and perhaps with good hair too! :-P) in TEL’s version of Lemonade. Yes, serving some freshly squeezed juicy, stylish portions in today’s post.

imageimageI  absolutely love this outfit, which, by the way, contrary to what you may think at first glance is a combination of two separates, not a dress. The first separate is lime bodycon bodysuit with half sleeves made of a ribbed stretch fabric that feels so soft against the skin. The only hiccup, I found with this top is the plunging neck-line. I should have known when it was described as a “plunge bodysuit”. It’s got a deep V-neck neckline with cross-over straps. At the risk of sounding rather prudish, I’m not a fan of plunging necklines. Baring too much cleavage makes me uncomfortable just the same way some ladies wouldn’t bare their backs or midriffs (both of which I’m a big fan). My style is one of my biggest forms of self expression; being comfortable and confident in my outfits is for me equally as important as the stylishness of  the outfit. The hassle of having to adjust/pull up a top constantly makes this top a no for me, sadly and annoyingly so, as I really really loved the combo. This colour is sold out but the black one is still available here.

imageimageimageThe skirt is a wrap skirt in midi length with some colour blocking and print pattern and made of lightweight crepe. I love the uniqueness of the skirt with the print and colour blocking. It’s sold out in River Island but thankfully, it’s available on ASOS.

It’s interesting how I saw this skirt on its own and was indifferent to it but when I saw the lime top, I automatically did a mental matching of the two and was pleasantly pleased with the end result. The kick I get off these sort of “matchmaking” I can’t explain. 🙂image

What do you think? How would you style the items differently?



Bodysuit:River Island II Skirt:River Island II Sandals:River Island

Photography: Claire Nash


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