Lush Blush

IMG_4510 It’s been a minute, guys.  Apologies for the radio silence. I’ve been away (to Dublin), back, been away again(this time to Toronto), back and since been wishing I was still away.  (If wishes were horses, eh!). I was back home in Dublin a few weeks ago to spend some time with the family just before Easter. I decided to shoot a few looks out there, including some of the outfits I would later wear on my “Spring break” to Canada the week after. Let’s just say, by Irish/British standards, it was more of a winter break, although nonetheless an amazing break. 🙂IMG_4509IMG_4513IMG_4512   I Can’t believe we’re in the second quarter of the year already. Scary right? Where did the last 3 months go? If there’s anything I’ve come to accept, it’s that time flies and surely doesn’t wait for no one. This year seems to be sprinting.  With that comes a lot of pressure to get things done. One of the things I wanted to do last year is travel a whole lot. I unfortunately let restrictions, mostly through reliance on others affect and subsequently hinder that. There are many things outside our control as humans, but the ones within our control, should be managed to enable us live life as fulfilling as possible. So this year, I promised myself to make things happen for myself more (with or without others), with one of my new year resolutions being to travel and just experience life outside my comfort zone more. I then realised sometime in the middle of March that I hadn’t done any travelling at all and it was already the end of the first quarter. So not in my usual fashion, (I normally like to overthink and overanalyse things) I, within a few days of coming up with the idea , impulsively booked a flight to Toronto for Easter. I wanted to make good use of the 2 extra days from the bank holiday weekend and I wanted go far away from home as much I could muster the courage to. I have a few friends out in Toronto and I hadn’t been to North America in a few years so it was time to pay our cousins across the Pond a visit! 🙂IMG_4518IMG_4515 IMG_4517IMG_4516  This was one of the outfits I wore during my weekend at the Niagara falls. The Zara jumper is an old item I decided to revamp for a new look. The jumper is quite long so I decided to wear it as a dress albeit a short dress, it would be. 😛  For many years, I’ve hated over the knee boots until I recently became a  convert.  My black leather jacket was to give the look a bit of edge whilst completing the look with my blush-toned Dune saddle bag which proved to  be equally as stylish as it was practical. With all the walking around doing touristy stuff, the bag was just perfect to literally throw on and go.IMG_4085IMG_4086The Niagara falls from the Canadian side is absolutely breathtaking. We stayed at the Embassy Suites by Hilton, towering 53 stories above the Horseshoe Falls. Without even leaving my room, the falls view from the hotel was one of the most incredible sights to behold. The locals and even Canadian tourists, unlike the weather, I found very warm with a general friendly and laid-back disposition I hadn’t quite experienced anywhere else in North America (and most certainly atypical of Londoners as a group). It was overall an amazing experience and somewhere I would like to visit again during the summer.

Jumper(dress): Zara II OTK boots: Zara II Waist belt: River Island II Leather jacket: Topshop II Bag: Dune

Photography: Claire Nash


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