Happy St Patrick’s Day

IMG_3704 Almost 5 million people live in Ireland. But about 70 million trace their roots back to it. It’s meant to be one of the top 10 countries to grow up in. It’s the birthplace of 24 Olympic medallists, 14 Oscar winners and 9 nobel laureates and perhaps the best goalkeeper in the world(all hail Shay Given!) . If you’ve been following me for a while, you may already know that the name, “Emerald Lass” was borne out of my love and connection with the colour green and with the nations of Nigeria and Ireland. IMG_3712IMG_3713Although born and partly bred in my native country of Nigeria, I moved to Dublin as a child with my family and spent my teenage years growing up in the great city of Dublin.  It took moving to London a few years ago to realise how much impact Dublin had made on me and how much love I have for it. Other than the fact that my family are out there, it’s the place I feel at home the most in the world; it’s the place I call home. Today as millions all over the world celebrate this amazing little island for its heritage, culture and lets face it, its great craic; this post will be dedicated to The Emerald Isle.IMG_3710Other than the sentimental attachments, there are so many things I love about Ireland, a nation that has not been without its fair share of hardships, even in recent times. Growing up in Dublin in the early 00’s, I experienced first hand the boom and prosperity of the Celtic Tiger whilst I also experienced the doom and gloom of the recession that hit the nation just as I was about to enter the workforce as a graduate. The resilience of the Irish people is outstanding. Ireland has successfully exited an economic assistance program, the first in the Eurozone to do so. Going on to being named as the best country in the world to do business, the country is not letting the difficulties of the past stop it. Thousands of foreign companies have chosen Ireland as their European base, including 8 of the top 10 global information, communication and technology giants of the world. It’s always great to go back (as I did over the weekend) and see how rapidly the city of Dublin for example, is developing. IMG_3705 IMG_3706  IMG_3708 There are very few countries in the world, I think, who have such great and tremendous national pride like the Irish.  Of course everyone loves their country but there’s just something about the Irish and the Irish pride. The creativity of the Irish is also known worldwide and has drawn a lot of acclaim.  Irish culture and music are love all over the world. Yes, we gifted the world Hozier and of course, U2. Oh and wait, we do damn good rugby (never mind that we didn’t bring home the 6 nations &#X02639)

IMG_3709  IMG_3711

So this St Patrick’s Day,  I’m grateful to Ireland for the part its played in my life and I’m proud to be Irish. Ever faithful, ever green. 🙂 More than ever before,  the Emerald Isle is on its way to a more creative, positive and innovative country and I hope and continue to strive to be a part of that in my own little way. Happy St Paddy’s Day from The Emerald Lass.


Dress: River Island (possibly bought in 2010) II Sandals: River Island  II Stole: Topshop  II Clutch: Fiorelli II Earrings: Kamari Box

Photography: Claire of C J Nash Photography

9 thoughts on “Happy St Patrick’s Day”

  1. Now there would be lots of chatter with my Irish pals over Guinness draughts 🙂 Yaaaay!!!! Kudos to you and writing skills, I was certainly taken through a short and concise expose, and the dress probably from 2010? It sits perfect still. Keep it up!

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  2. This made me smile….I relived my days in Ireland as I read this. I tell people all the time, Ireland is my 2nd home. I don’t miss the rain though 🙂


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