Limited Edition


Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday afternoon. You know one of those days when you just want to stroll around with no care in the world…today’s post is all about that; looking the part even when dressed down. Off duty should be chilled and laid back but not sloppy. I love dressing up to the nine’s but sometimes, I just want to have a gander around town in my plimsolls and nothing too serious. IMG_3069 I love slogan t-shirts/sweatshirts. I think it’s the laid-back attitude they portray. The general message is usually not a serious one and tends to have a bit of craic. Can a girl just wear her hair down and have fun! Not every time serious, sometimes have a bit of fun. This outfit to me represents a fun, laid back yet confident demeanour. It’s for the woman who knows her flaws and either works on them or embraces them and definitely one who celebrates her individuality.

That all sounds all nice and proper, but if you’re like me and can be considered even somewhat weird, then just know you’re limited edition and embrace your uniqueness. Oh yeah, I’m aware…that I’m rare. 😛 IMG_3035IMG_3079IMG_3070      IMG_3036IMG_3068IMG_3072

Sweatshirt:River Island II Skinny jeans:Pull and Bear II Camel coat:River Island II Bag:River Island Plimsolls:River Island II Sunglasses:French Connection

Photography by: CJ  Nash

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