Matchy Matchy


Earlier in the week, I brought you some January blues (the good ones of course), today it’s going to be a somewhat all white (well, off-white but you catch the drift) affair.

IMG_2937  IMG_2944 I’m clearly still about the culottes life. By the way, these were a fiver from last year’s end of summer sale! The way I was almost hyperventilating when I saw the price tag…the speed at which I headed to the till (as though Topshop could suddenly change their mind to sell it at such a steal) was one that Mr Bolt would be proud of. IMG_2934 IMG_0145.jpg IMG_2938 IMG_2941

I like to consider my style rather versatile. A lot of looks tickle my fancy; from taking the minimalist approach to colour pops to being the elegant profashional. Whilst overall, I'm not a minimalist, lately I find that I've been going for simpler looks. The monochrome coordinates is one that's been very appealing to me of late. All white, all pink, all grey...Im loving 'em! Sometimes less is truly more. This particular outfit I've been meaning to do since the autumn but somehow never managed to get round to it. Since the temperatures have since dropped drastically, the ("shan't gree aka die-hard) in me decided to still do the look during my trip back home to Dublin but paired it with a grey check wool-blend sleeveless coat to keep the blues cold away. If you follow me on Instagram (the_emerald_lass), you may have noticed that I fell for the sleeveless coat this Autumn/winter. I love coats in general but I'm now having to stop myself from buying anymore sleeveless coats. They're just so trendy and handy to throw on to complete an outfit. Doesn't help that BAE aka River island have a range of the coolest ones around.

This is an easy approach for a smart casual. Hope you like the look.

P.S: Still sending love from the Irish capital.

Sumbonita xx

Top: River Island II Culottes: Topshop II Sandals: River Island II Sleeveless coat: River Island II Clutch: River Island

Photography by CJ Nash Photography

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