Girl Boss Series: Pink Power


Good morning, guys. Hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas/New Year break. Today, I’ll be concluding the GirlBoss series which started at the tail end of last year. The Girl Boss series showcases my style of power dressing (as we proceed towards world domination in 2016). haha. Who Run The World? You got it…Girls! 😛Today’s post features a two-piece double breasted suit from River Island. I’m a little late to the party here actually. This suits became available a couple of months ago but you already know how I love my bargains. Oh how I’ve wanted it since I laid my eyes on it. Alas, I’m not the only one who had my eyes on the prize piece, Vogue magazine, Pandora Sykes, Look Magazine, Sunday Express, You Magazine were just some of the publications who featured the fabulousness that it is. Good news for you is it is now currently on sale here.

Diva is a female version of a hustler…DSC_1388-2

Who run the world…DSC_1400-Edit

Although I respect Bey as an artist and her achievements have been nothing but phenomenal, however, I’m not a member of the Beyhive. It does amazes me how much influence this money-making young lady has on a lot of people, particularly females. I used to wrongly think it was just impressionable young girls but I have met females in their 30’s who will profess their love and admiration for Beyonce till thy Kingdom come. Having given it further thought, it isn’t so hard to see why Beyonce is such an inspiration to a millions of women around the world.DSC_1395Earlier last December, at work, I won the award of the Best Dressed Female for the second time in two consecutive years. Whilst I was a proud recipient of the much coveted award, I couldn’t help but ask myself what more I could do with my style other than looking good. For a long time, I didn’t think that I had much to offer other people with this “talent”. I mean, people are saving lives and finding cures to diseases and I… well, I love to shop and look the business. The more I found myself and the older (and hopefully wiser I get), I realise that there is more to style than just looking good. Looking good is feeling good. Feeling good is acting good and making the right decisions. I have since found out that there is so much impact to be made and inspiration to be offered to a lot out there. I may not be Beyonce but I have something to offer and it is my intention to do as much as I can with the seemingly little that I have been given. So to anyone out there who’s ever underestimated themselves or the capacity in which they can affect other people, I say to you: please don’t. Your little will go a long way. Do not wait to strike till he iron is hot; make it hot by striking it. 2016 is the year for making things happen. Let’s go ’em, ladies. 🙂DSC_1389-EditDSC_1417

Pink Suit: River Island II Top: River Island II Ankle boots: River Island II Clutch bag: Aldo


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