Happy New Year


It’s the 3rd day of 2016 already and I’m grateful to still be here. 2015 had its ups and downs but more importantly, I learnt and grew in many ways that I couldn’t possibly begin to share in one post. One of the highlights of last year was being shortlisted as a semi-finalist in Fiesta Stylista; The Stylist magazine’s (in collaboration with Ford Motors UK) competition to find UK’s Next Top Stylist and going on to appear in the famous London magazine not once, twice but three times in a matter of months. Although I didn’t win the competition, it truly was an amazing experience from which I learnt a lot. I started this blog at a very difficult time in my life and with a lot of uncertainty and anxiety over a year ago but I didn’t really take it seriously until exactly a year ago which was when I registered with WordPress. As I look forward to its 2nd birthday in a few months, I have a lot of hope and assurance in my heart.

Stepping into 2016 like…DSC_1445-Edit

The only time you should look back is to see how far you’ve comeDSC_1450

If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know, I love my anecdotes. There’s usually a story behind most of my outfits and shopping escapades and I feel like I need to share them with you as I share the final product/look. My outfit in this post features a slight addition to the one in a very recent post here. The difference, as you may have already noticed is the coat. Oh the story of this Cheetah faux fur jacket!DSC_1492DSC_1507-Edit-EditDSC_1495-Edit

On one on my shopping trips at a Zara sale, I came across this jacket…wait for it… in the kids section. Lol. I thought about getting it for my teenage sister, who, ironically now wears a bigger size than me. (Story of my life!:-( )To make matters worse, better it was going for 10 British pounds. ‘Scuse me what?!?! At this point, as I usually do when I find a steal, I was almost hyperventilating with sheer delight and excitement (covers face). This is one of those times when being a small size 4/6 was going to come in super handy. I tried it on and it fitted. What a happy child, I was. DSC_1501-EditThis was early last year and although the coat has gotten a couple of very brief wears, strangely and unlike me, I never really quite found the perfect chance to wear it properly. Until my last shoot in London last year. I literally saw it and picked it up just as I headed out for the shoot, as a back-up plan. As we were rounding up the shoot, my photog asked if I wanted to try on the other coat I’d mentioned and I was like sure. I threw it on not knowing how it looked with the outfit and that was it. I ended up preferring this look to the initial one. This definitely makes one of my favourite looks that I’ve shared on this blog and I guess it helps that my photog killed it with these shots! Thanks Ope. 🙂DSC_1514As cliched as this may sound, I know this is going to be a good year. I’m so excited about a lot of things, particularly the direction this blog is heading. I intend to make it my most creative, most successful year yet…by God’s grace. I intend to work the hardest as well as the smartest.

With the ability to run as fast as 68 to 75 mph, the Cheetah is the fastest land animal. Also, able to accelerate from 0 to 60mph in shockingly, 3 seconds; I wish you all accelerated success this year. Happy new 2016.



Photos: Ope Olusola

Cheetah Faux Fur Coat: Zara II Top: River Island II Trousers: Topshop II Boots: River Island II Sunglasses: River Island


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