Girl Boss Series: The Striped Suit

Hope you’re all well and looking forward to Christmas. I’ve had to take a break for a while as the fantastic photog I’ve worked with this year had become unavailable due to other commitments… so I have been busy looking for a new photog to work with. I won’t bore you with the rest of the details but let’s just say, I’m back!Emerald Lass | Photo by CK Goldiing | 002

Speaking of photogs…I love meeting people who dare to do things differently and are hugely driven and fuelled by their ambitions to take the path not yet trodden. I met a remarkable “photographer human” (coining his own slang) working on an interesting, somewhat unusual project and his story, I’m sure would interest you as much it did me, you can read more about him here. Originally from Sheffield, he came to London a couple of months ago, with little or no cash to work on a project of shooting 100 unsigned artists/musicians, in return for some cash to see him through the whole period. He’s bunking  in hostels and sometimes on friends’ couch whilst working on this project and enjoying what London has to offer in exchange for as minimal costs as he can manage. I came across him after he did a shoot for a musician friend of mine, Dinachi. I approached him to work together and the result is what you’re about to see in this post. Thank you CK for these beautiful shots- was indeed a pleasure meeting, working and hanging out with you. 🙂

As we continue to count down to Christmas, I thought I’d share some inspiration for a Christmasy business look. This post is part 1 of the series I’ve tagged: GirlBoss Series; showcasing outfits depicting the modern professional woman; the go-getter, the boss lady. As with most people, I spend most of my hours in a day at work than anywhere else. Hence, I tend to buy more work outfits than any other type. Looking the business is good business, people.:-)Emerald Lass | Photo by CK Goldiing | 003Today’s look features a pinstripe suit which makes for a smart, professional look whilst oozing elegance and style. The culotte-style of the pants (found here) is one of the many reasons it was a must-have for me. If you don’t know by now you should know, I’m obsessed with culottes. I’ve loved them before they even became a thing. I just can’t get enough of them; be it casual or business-like. Luckily, we’ve had quite a mild winter this year which means I can still get away with flashing ankles and baring feet like I’ve done with this look.Emerald Lass | Photo by CK Goldiing | 006Emerald Lass | Photo by CK Goldiing | 004I love the relaxed feel of this jacket, (found here) not to mention the ruched cuff and button details. I would normally layer underneath with a neutral top but in the spirit of the season, I opted for a red sleeveless roll neck, matching it with one of my shoes of the moment. I love these Aquazurra tasselled heels look-alike from River Island. I had spotted it at the start of the season but in my usual bargain hunting spirit, didn’t purchase it immediately. A few weeks ago, I found they had gone on offer and I couldn’t race enough to get a hold of these beauts.Emerald Lass | Photo by CK Goldiing | 001To accessorise, I went for this slogan clutch bag from Aldo that I have been waiting to wear. It’s a statement clutch and normally wouldn’t be my option for this outfit but I reckon sometimes you just gotta know the rules and then go on and break ’em. The slogan depicts what this outfit, for me, is all about so it was only befitting that I used it. I’ll spare you my big spiel on female power and what not but BOSSY for me, (in not so few words) represents women out there following their dreams and kicking ass whilst at it, unapologetically. The ultimate boss lady is she who looks great, thinks great, talks great, acts greats and inspires greatness in others. It is she who is beautifully imperfect yet an all-round good woman.Emerald Lass | Photo by CK Goldiing | 005

Hope you like the finished look and get inspired for a business meeting, work lunch or just another day in the office. Would you believe this entire look from River Island (sans the clutch) was less than £85. Best believe it when I say, finding you awesome bargains is what I do. 😉
Style tips of the day: In lower temperatures and for a more traditional look, pair the suit with a white long-sleeved roll neck and a pair or court shoes. A pair of sheer tights will also keep the cold away.
Photography by CK Goldiing
 Pinstripe Suit-River Island I Red Rollneck-River Island I Sandals-River Island I Clutch-Aldo

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