Smart Casual

_MG_1587 _MG_1586It’s a known fact- every girl needs a million and one white shirts in her wardrobe. Haha. Seriously, the white shirt trend can never go out of style. Forever a classic, this one. I love how you can also wear it formally to give off a serious, business-like air or undo a few top buttons (not too many now 😛 )to get a casual, relaxed look._MG_1599_MG_1615Today’s post is a continuation of my appreciation for culottes. I wanted to show other ways you could style these denim pair and still look casual but well put-together. My favourite thing about these particular pair is the high-waist feature. It not only makes it more versatile to style but makes it flattering for different shapes. If you’re curvy, it shows off what your mama already gave you. If you’re slim, it accentuates what you’ve got. I also can’t stress enough how comfortable they are. Did I mention that I got them on sale for £5!!! The speed at which I ordered them online was second to none. It almost seemed too good to be true. Like seriously, Topshop…GRACIAS! 🙂_MG_1598 _MG_1612To add a bit of edge/ pop of colour, I sealed the look with these ASOS sandals. They’re so comfortable to wear and I love the bright pinkish neon colour. It literally glows in the dark (tried and tested) lol. They’re currently on sale here for less than £15._MG_1620

Enjoy the weekend, guys. xx

◊White shirt: Zara ◊Denim culottes: Topshop ◊Shoes: ASOS


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