Crops and Culottes


I tend to favour elegance and femininity over anything else in a lot of my outfits. The one thing however, that I love about fashion is how expressive it is. One’s personal style is simply you described in clothes. I love the uniqueness and individuality I can communicate through my style. I also like the varying versions of me I am able to channel through my clothes. In today’s post, meet Sumbonita the carefree tomboy. 🙂 _MG_1659_MG_1673So lately, crops and culottes have become my thing. Almost every (offduty) outfit I wear has a crop top or a pair of culottes or better still, both- I just can’t get enough! They’re just so easy to throw on and run around in. It’s a double-edged sword; anything that looks effortlessly stylish and is comfortable has my votes. Moreover, I think crop tops just remind me of an era of fashion that I can relate to i.e. the nineties. Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, The spice girls etc were style icons who helped shape our wardrobes back then. The nineties was the business! Usher was right; the turn of the century was indeed the U-turn. Everything was just cool back then. Cool and authentic. The music, dance, fashion, entertainment. 90’s had it better is all I’m saying (sorry young un’s and fella’s). 😛_MG_1644_MG_1629

Topshop has been scoring major points for me lately. They’ve always been one of my favourite high street brands but I find the prices rather steep. Having said that, a Topshop sale is a sale indeed. One, because I tend to find the coolest and most random buys and at the most ridiculous prices. Also, they have “mini-sizes” for small-framed human beings like me. The rest of the high street seem to forget that people like me exist. And even when they do small sizes, the sizes aren’t true to reality at all. As much as I love Zara, my biggest irk with Zara is that even their XS is big and not at all extra small but more medium-like. Topshop on the other hand, I find that I can trust their sizings, more often times than not. So if you’re on the slim side like me, Topshop is the place to go._MG_1639_MG_1643I love the juxtaposition of a crop top showing a little bit of mid-riff, with some androgynous flair a la high waisted denim baggy’s, a pair of heels and leather biker jacket. Each piece has got a bit of sass and attitude mixed with some subtle femininity. I’m all woman but don’t think you can cross my path and get away with it. Haha_MG_1648_MG_1689

This is a day-time look that doesn’t require much effort but a lot of (positive) attitude and confidence in your own skin. Hope you like my dress like a man, look like a lady look. 😛

Have a great week.xx

Photography: @mikael_b (Instagram)

◊Crop top: Topshop ◊High-waisted culottes: Topshop ◊Leather biker jacket: Topshop

◊Sandals: Miss KG (Kurt Geiger)


4 thoughts on “Crops and Culottes”

  1. I love this look, its so cute. I have a friend also of the tiny proportions and she always tells me the same positive things about Topshop! I love Zara because they cater to a long leg, and the long leg with heels look very well 🙂

    I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Beauty Blogger Award as I love your blog. Check out the post here

    Vanessa x

    Liked by 1 person

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