Childbirth and Mental Health

Morning guys,

I’ve never really done this before but for a variety of reasons I feel compelled to reblog a post from a friend’s blog.
To say I’m proud of the consistency and growth in the little time I’ve been following her blog is an understatement.
This post talks about mental health awareness as well as commemorate the death of what was certainly one of the biggest loss for the The Emerald Isle in recent times- Darren Suntherland. Darren was a blessing to the Irish nation but sadly lost to suicide 5 years ago.
I hope this reaches out to someone who needs it and encourages someone who knows of someone. Let’s all be our brother’s keeper and do the best we can to support and be there for each other. People with mental health problems don’t always look a certain way; it could happen to you and me.
Temi, well done for a fantastic post and thanks for being so real and open.


In the summer of 2009, my husband and I met a young Irish boxer at a friend’s house party in London (we were visiting from Dublin at the time). Darren had won a bronze medal for Ireland in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and had moved to London to pursue a professional boxing career, I was starstruck and very much flattered when he said it was a relief to hear another Irish accent in the room and “was a breath of fresh air“. We had a great conversation that night talking about our youth days in Dublin.

One thing he said in particular was how hard it was for him to make friends in London “..too many cliques” he said… Sadly he was found hanging in his flat a couple of months after our encounter, believed to have been suicide. [Watch Darren Sutherland – 5yrs on]. We had…

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