For Stripes Sake

By now, it’s no secret by now that I am the biggest River Island shopaholic there is out there. It’s also public knowledge that I love me my bargains. Today, I wanted to share some of my top picks from the River Island summer sale. _MG_4180

This white and black stripe body con dress is everything, as the cool kids say these days. No, it’s not really (what does that even mean? Nothing is everything!) but hey, I digress. The dress ticks all the right boxes for me. I’m not the type to wear body con dresses as I generally try to steer away from super fitted dresses. I love this bodycon because the material is strong enough to not make it too snug against your skin. The length, being midi is currently trending and therefore makes it season relevant. Stripes are also quite big this summer and have been quite a hit in the heat. White and black are forever classics you can’t go wrong with. At £15 , it had to make its way into my  life. With this effortlessly chic look, you can easily transform from day to night; taking you straight from the office to dinner. 😉


I’ve been looking for barely there sandals for the summer. I’ve seen a few pairs but refused to spend a lot of money on a pair. So when I saw these white one at RI going for £25, I knew it was time to bring these babies home. They’re not as high as I like my heels but I guess, sometimes medium heels, not everyday killer heels. The accessories- sunglasses and clutch were also from the River Island sale. _MG_4175-Edit_MG_4173They say all good things must come to an end. Whilst the sunny days in London may not have fully come to an end  just yet(I pray not), they have most certainly been rudely interrupted recently by some pretty gloomy days. For such days, my motto has always been layering up. Wear something suitable for the summer and layer up with light covers like cardigans and blazers. If in true Londoner style, you commute to work by public transport or spend a good part outdoors, I recommend you opt for a light coat. This red coat is from Dorothy Perkins and was on sale a couple of months ago. I love the style of the coat and the black panelling on the front. The material is thick enough to keep one warm yet light enough to wear under summer wear although it’s best used for autumn when the days are a  little more cooler._MG_4161Photography by Mikael B-

√Dress: River Island √Sandals: River Island √Sunglasses: River Island √Clutch: River Island √Coat: Dorothy Perkins

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