By his Stripes…


Hiya! 🙂 Apologies for the delay in doing this post.  I was due to post this over the weekend…before I fell ill. Thankfully, it ended up being nothing major and I am well  now, (thanks be to God)._MG_2321 The sheer vulnerability that comes with being unwell, albeit for a couple of days did freak me out a bit, as I rarely fall ill (other than the usual monthly female business that makes it feel like the universe is playing a sick joke and trying to rip your life abdomen apart)! I was reminded of  how, when all is said and done, we have very little control over certain things.  Was also reminded of the things we tend to overlook or undermine. At a point in my life where I’m being constantly pushed by my dreams and ambitions more than ever before, and often so easily forget the many seemingly little blessings. Good health and a sound mind are indeed blessings and not always a given. _MG_2322 _MG_2323-2 _MG_2329

Photography: Mikael B of

◊Dress shirt: H and M ◊Belt: Warehouse ◊Shoes: River Island ◊Bag: Paul’s Boutique


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