Painting Lagos pink

Tunde K. Mason for Sumbo Taiwo

Tunde K. Mason for Sumbo TaiwoVisiting my country of origin a couple of weeks ago was one of the highlights of my year. It’s always interesting going back to Nigeria. The plan initially was to blog whilst out there as I was on vacation and needn’t worry about other commitments but alas, the fast life that is Lagos-living is not such to be approached lightly.Tunde K. Mason for Sumbo Taiwo

I’m a girly girl; I like love pink. This pink double layered V-neck crop top from River Island is all shades of effortless, simple glam. I love the V-neck and V-back details.

The skirt, an ASOS one is made of floral jacquard with a centre front split. I love that you can dress it up or down for  day or night look, playing around with accessories. My Guess clutch paired with a pair of grey sling backs sealed the deal for this look.Tunde K. Mason for Sumbo Taiwo

Outfit Details

Crop top: River Island, Skirt: ASOS, Shoes: Topshop

Earrings: River Island, Wrist watch: Michael Kors, Clutch: Guess

Photo credit: Tunde Mason

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