Girly Grunge

_MG_4463 Every girl should have a leather jacket. It’s a known fact, right.Nothing ups your cool status like a leather biker jacket . It has the effortless ability of adding chicness and an edgy feel to an outfit; be it a tshirt and jeans or a dress. This key piece, however, somehow managed to elude my wardrobe  up until now.  Don’t ask me how i’ve survived without one. You already know I’m all about the bargains. You will be ready to part with at least an hundred part or slightly less for a good leather jacket. I’m also a very pragmatic shopper. Somehow, I always managed to convince myself that whilst a leather jacket would add more value to my life wardrobe, it just wasn’t time. Anyways, the yoke was finally broken recently thanks to Topshop. I found this beaut in the sale for £40 and I thought to myself, it’s now or never. I bit the bullet and bought myself a leather jacket. Finally. I mean, the only way is forward from here. I am a proud owner of a leather jacket! 🙂_MG_4448Apart front the fact that I now have the tendency to be mistaken as one of Sandy’s friends from Rydell High 😛 , it has a practical advantage to it. It’s not just aesthetically pleasing- this Topshop one is warm enough to be worn in winter, (of course, given that you’ve layered well) and light enough as a suitable light cover for  spring. It’s a win win! _MG_4449 _MG_4451 _MG_4460 I may be the emerald lass but my love for green does not discriminate against other shades. Mint is one colour I’m in love with, as you will soon find out. It’s just so sweet, so demure yet so pretty a colour. I bought this top on sale from Zara last summer and somehow, never worn it since. I have a habit of saving items I really like till the perfect moment and end up not wearing or using said items for a really long time till I forget about them. Ouch. The material is lace. As you may already know or will soon find out, I LoVe lace. I mean, obsessively love lace. It’s probably my all-time favourite material. The top has a cut-out back and you know I have a thing for back details._MG_4478I thought I’d pair the top with my cobalt blue pencil slitted skirt. Again, I bought this skirt last spring and have never worn it, mainly because of the high slit. I am not very good with DIY but I’m going to have to lower the slit a little bit. I like slits alright but they don’t need to be as high as my high heels. 😛_MG_4467 _MG_4472One item in this outfit that I’m particularly thrilled with are my earrings. I love statement earrings. I found this in a Warehouse online sale and I just couldn’t say no. They’re so pretty and with the combination of colours, they’re bound to go with a lot of outfits. _MG_4473 _MG_4480 This makes for yet another great Spring outfit. Wardrobe sorted, all we need now (in the UK and Ireland) is suitable weather. Outfit Details Leather jacket: Topshop, Lace cut-out top: Zara, Skirt: SheInside, Sandals: Zara, Earrings: Warehouse


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