Lá Fhéile Pádraig!


It’s Emerald Day! No, it’s not a day dedicated to the Emerald lass. A lot of people have asked me what the Emerald lass is and where it came from. As most of you know (or may not know), I’m Nigerian-Irish. Nigeria-born, I spent my formative years in the beautiful city of Dublin, Ireland. Raised by “typical Nigerian parents”, a lot of who I am is naturally rooted in my Nigerian origin, whilst a lot of the person I have become is owed to Ireland. Dublin is the city I call “home” and definitely the one I feel the most at home in.  This is the city that raised me. I love and embrace a lot of the aspects of Irish culture and heritage. Some of the many things that endear the small green isle that is Ireland to me even the more, are the similarities between the Irish people and Nigerians. There are more similarities than people of both cultures would like to admit, both positive and negative but that is not where I am going with this.Lady Sumbo Bday 5 One of these similarities, an obvious one, is the similarity in the national colours of both countries: Nigerian flag being green-white-green and Irish being green-white-orange. Both nations share geen (emerald) as the national colour, Ireland more to do with the lushness of the land.  Emerald, not by virtue of the aforementioned, happens to be one of my favourite colours. So there it is! I wanted something that could encapsulate all of that and highlight my love for both nations.333618_10150274069820592_6006169_o339129_10150274070445592_6643569_o 297099_10150295356055592_399323174_n

On the 17th March, everyone and their mother is Irish. haha. The rest of the world joins the great people both home and abroad, descendants and lovers of the Irish community worldwide in celebrating St Patrick’s Day. The Emerald Lass wishes you all a lovely St Paddy’s Day. Have some good craic, drink wisely and stay safe.



Outfit Details: Dress:French Connection, Shoes: Steve Madden



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