Tots Glad It’s Friday … Oh and LFW is here!!!

I wore this outfit to work yesterday. I’m finally progressively yet unwillingly starting to accept that summer is over so I had to dig out this white/black woolen coat which I just love. The shirt is a Ralph Lauren shirt that I got a few years ago but rarely wear…why I’m not really sure. I paired it with this River Island white and black stripped skirt (again from years ago) and my current favourite shoes from Zara. I literally leave these shoes in my work drawer now as I’ve turned them to my go-to work shoes. I mean what’s there not to love about these tri-coloured beauty. The look was completed with pearl accessories. These, I believe should be staples in any woman’s wardrobe. I may not own the same ones as the queen but pearls just add that touch of class to an outfit.

On other news, London Fashion Week starts today. Not that that needed to be announced. You would have had to have just crawled out of a cave not to have heard, read or seen something about LFW, the Oscars of the fashion calendar on this island and beyond in the last few days/weeks. I was in the West End yesterday and everywhere was screaming FASHION WEEK.

Looking forward to the good, bad and ugly of next season’s collections.

Have a lovely weekend, folks.xx
The Emerald lass.

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