We Are Your Friends…you’ll never be alone

Emerald lass, the Brits and verrueckte Italianerin

One of the best decisions I ever made was to spend a year abroad when I was in college (for you Brits, that means Uni not A-levels :-P) in Germany. I met some of the most amazing, vibrant people from across Europe and even as far as the Americas. We may have spent more time tasting Gluhwein in the Weihnachstmarkt’s than in the library, exchanged our Taschengeld for shopping bags in Kuh’damm than we really could afford and experienced many a night of sampling the most vibrant nightlife in Berlin, but we also did manage to learn more than our counterparts who stayed back in our home countries (or so we’d like to think).

Aside from the academic aspect, the experience of that year will forever stay with me. The most memorable thing I took away from this experience of a lifetime may very well be the friendships formed, which I believe and hope would be life-long. 7 years on, we’ve still kept in touch and reunited as often as we can, given the distance and diverse lives we all lead across the globe.

This weekend, I was fortunate enough to see some of those amazing people again. Needless to say, it was in our usual ERASMUS style and had a great time hanging out in London’s Hyde Park on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
Selfie time

My fav Italian amigo

Verochen xxx

Die MaedchenThe Emerald lass, Italian Chica and Exotic Brit ;-)

The Meds are just too cool for school

My friends are cooler than yours 😛

What’s an Erasmus reunion without a typical Erasmus photo?

IMG_2273 Berlin 2009
IMG_2277London 2010
IMG_2278London 2014
With love from sunny London,


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