Happy birthday to me! :-)

IMG_2121Guess whose day it is! No, not Cara Delevingne’s (well, it is actually but let’s stay focused here)…Mine! Yup! It’s my birthday and I’ve been getting so much love all over. I’m so grateful for another year and look forward to what God has in stock. I’ve been trying so hard not to get emotional but the love has been truly overwhelming and I’m sincerely grateful to everyone that’s made it special in one way or the other. But my day isn’t complete till I’ve shared it with my BFM fam. Hope you enjoy viewing some of the pictures from a photoshoot I had today.

I usually shy away from this look because it emphasises my petite size but I couldn’t resist this Zara polka dot blouse and River Island jeans, paired with my Zara open-toe pumps. These two are my all time favourite high street brands so it’ll be rare if I don’t have at least one item of each brand on, at any point in time. Zara and R.I are like those best friends you have, that just get you! We just click. 🙂
Pre-shoot chilling
Attempting to channel the inner model in me. 😉
Preview of a shot in a Zara jumpsuit
Say cheese
What’s a shoot without a selfie
If I didn’t have enough reasons to shop, now I’ve been “ordered to. 😛


That’s it for now, lovelies. Enjoy the rest of your evening while I continue to bask in this glorious day and all it has to offer.
The Emerald Lass.xxx

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