Ignorance is bliss… Or is it?

Hi guys.

Hope you’re all having a nice weekend. So today’s post isn’t fashion-related but rather, wanted to share a story that I’ve been mulling over a lot lately.

I moved to London three years ago from Dublin where I’d spent my teenage years and early adult life. Dublin, for those who know it, is not a massively big city. I knew the city centre and certain areas like the back of my hand. Started driving in my late teens and I’ve never had to use a sat nav in Dublin, like I mean never. If I was going somewhere I wasn’t too familiar with, I would just ask my dad who knows the city very well and that’s problem solved. 

I had arrived in London on a Saturday evening and decided to attend a church that has now become my home church the next day. With no sat nav and only armed with the BB map (which by the way is as useless as they come) on my Blackberry 9780 , I got into my forever loyal Toyota Yaris and headed to church. The journey was meant to take about 20mins. As a matter of fact, the great Schumacher in me would later make this trip in 10-15 mins at off peak times. But I kid you not when I say on this fateful Sunday, it took me well over an hour to get to church. No, it was not due to traffic, it wasn’t due to a breakdown on the motorway, it was simply because I kept taking the wrong turns; some too early , some too late. and even worse, I took a mighty longer route because I did not know there was a quicker, shorter and better one. When I later found out I had been taking an unnecessary, long route, I was astounded and disappointed. Astounded as to how such a simple journey had become complicated due to ignorance. (And they say ignorance is bliss. Hmmm) disappointed because I had wasted so much time, energy and fuel whilst taking the longer route, not to mention the stress from the confusion.
As I pondered on this, I thought to myself, “Isn’t that how we are in life?” We take so many wrong turns and even some right ones but too early or too late, take longer routes, waste  a lot of valuable resources, waste time and energy… Simply because we do not know any better. I’m currently in the middle of a journey in my life; a journey that would determine my destiny and my future to a large extent. And it’s so scary to think one little mistake or wrong turn can mess up something that could otherwise be a seamless trip. Of course, making mistakes is part of everyone’s journey, essential to growth even. But not every mistake we make is necessary. There’s good news though. I know someone who knows the end from the beginning. He’s the beginning and the end Himself. The psalmist describes how He has written every single page of our lives in a book. So who better to ask for directions than the author of the book Himself? Easier said than done, of course. But today, I hope and pray that we will stop making the wrong turns and stop and ask Him for directions.
Thanks for stopping by. Please bear with me, BFM is still under construction and I’m still trying to cope with the demands of a running a blog.:-)
Wishing you all a pleasant week ahead.
The Emerald Lass

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